Hello Strangers

Greetings Strangers

Hello guys, i came from Indonesia. My name is Muhamad Yose Rizal, you can call me yose. I made this blog to expand my friendship with people around the World.  I undergo my last year of senior highschool education in :
Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 1 Banjarbaru / SMAN 1 Banjarbaru / SMANSA BJB.

I'm the Left One
Okay so we go on, why i made this blog? Actually I already have a blog, it's adress is in:
but after long time not open it... it's change. I must sign in to the blog with Gmail account while I create that blog with Yahoo account...So i try to recover my blog through "Need Help" and its getting worst when it tell me to send the verification code to my old phone number and i use the new one. so i frustrated and...


I made royalsize.blogspot.com...What's royalsize mean?Oh it's just an anagram from my middle and last name

Ciao Estranei


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